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The electric car revolution

The electric car revolution

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It has been a few years since the first commercially available electric car was brought to the public’s attention. It was not a very clear cut moment. Like a lot of things related to technological advances, the fully electric car was an evolution and a gradual change. We went from solely fossil fuel powered cars, to hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius and finally to 100% electric cars like the Tesla car. Why did this evolution transpire? What was the catalyst that made these innovations possible and where are we headed towards? We will try to answer these questions and more in our latest blog.

The drive

Excuse us for the lame pun, but it does cover the following issue: what has moved the car manufacturing industry towards creating more green and environmentally friendly engines. It has been, as most things tend to be, an accumulation of different reasons for this industry to make these rigorous changes. One of the most important reasons is a change in consumer behaviour, primarily in the western hemisphere. People in the western world tend to have more disposable income and often choose to spend it not only on their own comfort and ease, but on the environment. Which basically means an increase in electric car demand. However, there are other reasons as well that have greatly contributed to this development. Take in consideration that the oil reserves of the planet are getting smaller and smaller. Fossil fuels are not renewable, which means that eventually the planetary pockets with natural gas and oil will be depleted. This trend started decades ago and makes fossil fuels more and more expensive. The third important reason is influence from national governments and international treaties that are put into place in order to combat the human influence on global climate change. Governments have several incentives in place that give tax reductions to buyers of electric vehicles and extra taxes on fossil fuels and older (dirtier) cars.

The destination

The general idea is that fossil fuels will become obsolete in a century or so. But it won’t be as the final drop of oil on the planet will ever be put into a car or engine. It is very likely that long before that might happen, the costs of extracting oil from the earth’s surface is way too high for people or companies to be willing to pay for it. That means that the electric car appears to have a bright future ahead. Are you interested in more information about this topic or about sustainability and environmental issues? We would like to advise you to take a look at www.wharsorb.com. Here you will find a large database of interesting articles and studies regarding a cleaner and greener life.

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